1   Introduction

1.1  Who Should Read This Manual?

This manual is intended for track designers of Trophy. If you like to draw and integrate a new track into Trophy, this manual should give you very detailed step-by-step instructions to do so.

1.2  Requirements

This manual assumes that you use Gimp to create your track. Gimp is a free image manipulation program which runs under Linux (recommended), Windows and other operating systems. For more information about Gimp, please take a look at it's official homepage at www.gimp.org.

To design tracks for Trophy, you need a quite powerful system or a lot of patience ;-) Trophy tracks are bitmaps with a size of usually about 1200x1200. As you'll see later in this manual there are a number of layers needed to work on tracks. Your computer must be able to handle this - if not, you might want to extend your RAM or the swap partition.

1.3  What Will Happen To My Track?

If you design a track for Trophy and you want to make it available for others, I recommend to do this under the GPL. Please understand, that I can't include every track in the official Trophy package. Otherwise it would become to big for downloading. I'll create a gallery of additional tracks instead where users can download more tracks.