2   Preparation

Before you get started with Gimp, I recommend you to draft your track down on paper including the starting/ finish line, bridges and tunnels.

Further you might want to think about the size of your track. Trophy tracks can basically have any size. Depending on your Computer hardware, the picture won't move smoothly if your track is too large. The default tracks which come with Trophy have sizes of 1600x1000, 1800x1100 and 1800x1200. If the scrolling of the standard tracks isn't fast enough on your Computer, you might be interested in doing smaller tracks. I usually don't recommend to make the tracks larger, as most users won't have an adequate hardware configuration for larger tracks.

2.1  Creating A New Image

- Launch Gimp and create a new RGB image with the size of your new track.

2.2  Preparing The Layers

- Right-click into the graphic and choose "Layers" -> "Layers &Channels...".

- Create the same layer structure like shown in the figure below:

Fig. 1: Layer structure for a typical Trophy track.