3   Creating The Visual Map

You're basically completely free in the building of the visual map. The visual map is what the user sees if he/she plays the game. It has no effect about where one can drive, how fast one can drive nor where bridges or tunnels are. It doesn't define where the track goes neither.

3.1  The Road

I recommend to make the road about 150 pixels wide. I found it to be the easiest to create the road using the "Select regions using Bezier curves" - tool. Just define the center of the road using this tool. Then choose "Select" -> "Border" from the right mouse button menu. Type "150" pixels in the dialog window. This creates a selection for your road.

3.2  Surfaces

It's quite difficult to create attractive, realistic surfaces. You might want to scan in some natural surfaces and use them for your visual map.

Fig. 2: A sample for a visual map.